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Case Study: Proper Disposal of Scrap Furniture

At Miller Recycling, we service numerous facilities generating a wide list of commodities. The majority of these materials are recycled. Unfortunately, some – due to their makeup and combination of incompatible products – cannot be recycled. One of those products is used or scrap furniture. Used furniture contains a combination of fabric, wood, foam, metal,...
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China’s National Sword 2017 – Update

There will likely be additional changes to China’s imports of recyclable materials in the near future. As we mentioned in a previous blog post about China’s National Sword anti-smuggling plans, under the Chinese government’s “National Sword 2017” clampdown, close inspection of imported recyclable materials were put in place. These materials include cardboard and mixed paper, recyclable...
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How to Cost-Effectively Ship Recyclables to Their End Market

There are a number of “costs” associated with recyclables that are sometimes overlooked by the average person. Consider the range of costs for picking up and transporting material to the recycling facility end market. If a trailer load of baled paper is being picked up and shipped directly to a paper mill, the transportation cost per...
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U.S. Paper Recovery Rate Hits a Record

The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) recently announced that a record amount of 67.2% of paper consumed in the U.S. was recovered for recycling in the year of 2016, an incredible feat for paper recovery. According to WhatTheyThink, the annual paper recovery rate has doubled since 1990 and U.S. paper recovery has either met...
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Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Cleans Up Recycling Its Stream

As the Earth’s wellbeing and contamination levels continue as a global topic of discussion, we wanted to share a local story, from right here in Massachusetts. Massachusetts, like many states, has worked through recycling regulations and best practices for years in order to optimize its recycling stream. Looking for a solution to improve their waste...
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A Walk Down Memory Lane

How many companies can say they ran ads in the local paper, January 7th, 1941? We did! In the early 1940’s, Frank Miller Sr., our founder, saw an opportunity and began buying and selling everything from scrap metals, paper, textiles, and used furniture. He soon became known as the local “junk dealer,” occupying a local...
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Repercussions on Recyclables from China’s “National Sword 2017” Policy

As most familiar with the recycling industry know, China is by far the largest consumer of recyclables materials in the world. Their enormous manufacturing base, as well as their expanding desire for consumer products abroad, has created a country that seems to have an endless need for raw materials, including recyclables. The country’s enormous appetite...
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Commercial & Industrial Recycling Salvage Services

Many companies, landlords, realtors, and others periodically encounter the need to efficiently and cost effectively remove obsolete stock, inventory, office furniture and structures, electronics, and more. These materials could be left behind due to a business closure, bankruptcy, relocation, renovation, or in the midst of downsizing. Even insurance claims resulting in water, smoke, or fire damage...
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The Future of Solid Waste in Massachusetts

In 2015, the State of Massachusetts generated 5.5 million tons of trash. For many years, the majority of this waste was disposed of in landfills.  Whether this is the “preferred” method, from an environmental standpoint, is a topic for discussion – however it is typically the most cost effective. This is about to change. Many...
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