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The Key to Recycling Baler Fluffer

A blast from the past. Check out this video from the 1980s at our old facility in North Attleboro. Yes, that’s our president, Randy Miller!
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How Rising Rates of Online Shopping Impact Recycling

Five years ago, the analytics firm comScore partnered with UPS to poll five thousand consumers on their online shopping habits. The results? In 2016, shoppers made 51% of their purchases online, compared to 48% in 2015, and 47% in 2014. The five-year study also found that an increased reliance and convenience of smartphones has bolstered...
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The Recycling Business is More Complex Than You May Think

Many believe the recycling business to be a fast growing field. And why wouldn’t they—there are opportunities galore, as countries band together to save the planet, reduce our carbon footprint, and increase “sustainability.” However, entering the recycling field is more involved than it seems on the surface, and it takes patience and preparation to become...
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Why is it so difficult to recycle Styrofoam?

“Styrofoam”, is a brand name for EPS, or Expanded Polystyrene.  This material comes in many forms shapes, and sizes, but is typically found as protective packaging for appliances, furniture, electronics, and other types of items. Unfortunately, it is also the material of choice for large coffee chains such as Dunkin Donuts. In a previous post,...
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Waste Removal Services in America

The United States generates a LOT of waste.  (254 million tons in 2013).  While many people regard recycling as the best method of waste removal, only 34% of our waste is actually recycled.  That leaves 66% or 167 million tons that need to be disposed of annually.  Where does it all go? Of this total,...
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Recycling Industry Reduces the Trade Deficit

The recycling industry has been playing a major role in reducing America’s trade deficit. In America, a considerable number of export containers are shipped to various countries. These containers are filled with scrap metal, paper, and plastics. Scrap commodities are among the nation’s largest exports by value. Overall, exports account for 27% of the recycling industry’s...
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Celebrating Recycling with America Recycles Day and Earth Day

There are two recycling holidays each year.  You’ve heard of Earth Day, but do you know about America Recycles Day? America Recycles Day America Recycles Day is a national initiative started by Keep America Beautiful. It is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. On November 15th...
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Where Recyclable Products Are Processed

We’ve gotten a lot of questions on where we ship or market the multiple grades of metal, paper, and plastic recyclable products we handle. When we reply that many of these materials are exported to foreign countries, people have a hard time believing recyclables would be shipped to the other side of the world for...
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Why Are There Sometimes Charges Related to Recycling?

Many people wonder why there are charges related to recycling since recyclable materials have value. Think of recycling as one option for managing waste. The process of managing that waste costs money. The value of the material generated through the process is not always equal or greater than the expenses, including transportation, sorting, equipment and...
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