Recycling Trends: Corrugated cardboard recycling looking strong

Corrugated cardboard recycling has been on a consistent rise for the past few decades. The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) recently released a report stating that Old Corrugated Container (OCC) recovery has been climbing at a steady velocity since the 1990’s. The Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) also recently announced recovery of cardboard (OCC) recycling […]

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What is “Hard to Manage” waste?

We often encounter requests for services that don’t typically don’t fall into any “categories” we have listed on our web site, brochures, or promotional materials. We created a name for this type material, “Hard to Manage” waste, due to the challenges it can and does create. Here are of few case studies: Miller Recycling was recently […]

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Are Recent Projections a Sign of a Bright Future For Old Corrugated Cardboard Demand?

As anyone in the recycling industry knows – material prices are determined by only one basic factor, “supply & demand”. Market factors that can create demand can be a growth in production of finished product, (resulting in higher demand for recyclable feedstock) or even severe weather conditions affecting collection, transportation, and mill deliveries, which limit […]

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