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Commercial & Industrial Recycling Salvage Services

Many companies, landlords, realtors, and others periodically encounter the need to efficiently and cost effectively remove obsolete stock, inventory, office furniture and structures, electronics, and more.

These materials could be left behind due to a business closure, bankruptcy, relocation, renovation, or in the midst of downsizing. Even insurance claims resulting in water, smoke, or fire damage can be the reason for such an occurrence.

These materials, such as furniture and electronics, can and should be recovered and recycled. Recycling can considerably reduce the cost of disposal of these items. In some cases, depending on material and condition – it may result in a monetary return for your company, helping you offset cleanup or restoration costs.

Labor, material handling equipment, containers, trailers, transportation – all add to the costs associated with salvage services. Keeping these costs under control, and offsetting these costs by recycling, should be considered whenever possible.

If you’re not sure how to start cutting costs for such salvage services, we’re here to help. Contact us today.