My Electronic Device Stores How Much Information?

Today everyone enjoys the use of electronics, and all the conveniences and luxury they provide. However it is sometimes overlooked that valuable and confidential information is stored on most every standard computer, laptop, cell phone, copier and fax machine.

Many end of life electronic data storage devices are disposed of improperly. Often these devices contain a substantial amount of confidential information that can be damaging to a business if not properly disposed of.

Following NAID “AAA” Certified secure data destruction procedures insures these devises are properly destroyed. This process renders the information contained within them completely unrecoverable.

With the continuous advancement of micro-electronics, electronic storage devices store more information than ever before. (See Storage Media Chart)

Storage Media Chart Size Pages Box(s)
Floppy Disk 1.44 MB 720 1
CD-ROM 700 MB 350,000 140
Thumb Drive 2 GB 1,000,000 400
DVD 4.7 GB 2,350,000 940
DLT Tape 40 GB 20,000,000 8000
Hard Drive 200 GB 100,000,000 40,000
Network Storage 1 TB 500,000,000 200,000


A single 2GB USB Flash Drive can store 1,000,000 typed pages, or 400 banker boxes of information! How much information is that? It is enough to fill a 24 ft. box truck from floor to ceiling!