What is “Hard to Manage” waste?

We often encounter requests for services that don’t typically don’t fall into any “categories” we have listed on our web site, brochures, or promotional materials.

We created a name for this type material, “Hard to Manage” waste, due to the challenges it can and does create.

Here are of few case studies:

Miller Recycling was recently contacted by a large client, in the business of warehousing and distributing pet supplies.These products include various items such as dog, cat, fish and other pet related products.

The client had imported several container loads of cat furniture. This consisted of carpet covered towers and cubicles. Unfortunately the product got wet during shipment, and due to the recent hot weather, became moldy.

The client needed to not just dispose of this material but they wanted it totally destroyed, eliminating any possibility of the product being remarketed, and creating potential liability for the client.

Our company removed these trailer loads of product, and destroyed, recycled, and disposed of the waste. We then provided the company with a Certificate of Destruction.

Case study:

Miller Recycling was contacted by a commercial real estate agent. Their clients company was recently purchased by another firm, and they needed to quickly and efficiently remove all the cubicles, office furniture, and cabinets, and more from the clients location so they could rent the space to another tenant in waiting.

Through our contacts we recommended a contractor to perform the physical disassembly and removal. We placed two trailers on site, and quickly removed 7 total trailers of this material. Each load was returned to our facility for off loading, recycling, and if possible donation of suitable products to area non-profits or church groups.

“Hard to Manage” waste is only hard for those without the experience, equipment, and resources to manage it.