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Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Cleans Up Recycling Its Stream

As the Earth’s wellbeing and contamination levels continue as a global topic of discussion, we wanted to share a local story, from right here in Massachusetts. Massachusetts, like many states, has worked through recycling regulations and best practices for years in order to optimize its recycling stream.

Looking for a solution to improve their waste management system, the Massachusetts’ Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) turned to the community, testing their perception of local recycling rules. Needless to say, the findings confirmed the suspicion that locals were not fully aware of the recycling regulations in place.

The solution? The DEP partnered with Recycling Partnership to help stem the tide of contamination. Together, they created a toolkit with targeted approaches, based on our the tests they ran on residents.

Watch out, your neighborhood may be the next victim of a “curbside intervention”!

You can read the full article from Waste 360 here.