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Our President, Randy Miller, Quoted on China’s National Sword Policy

As part of their piece on China’s National Sword recycling policy, American Metal Market reached out to Miller Recycling’s President, Randy Miller, to garner his thoughts on the policy and the meaning behind the policy’s name. Miller has been following the evolution of the policy from his inception, and has posted to our blog several times to comment on its development.

See below for the quote from Randy Miller:

For some, China’s National Sword campaign is analogous to the Trump Administration’s attempts to build a wall along the Mexican border and re-write free-trade agreements. “The idea behind the use of the word ‘sword’ is applied to indicate how China will be toughening up its borders,” Randy Miller, president of Miller Recycling Corp. Mansfield, Massachusetts, comments.

If you’d like to read the full article, you can visit American Metal Market here.