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Massachusetts has one of the toughest laws on the books with regard to keeping personally identifiable information secure and disposing of confidential material.

Every business has information that requires safekeeping and eventual destruction.

Northeast Data Destruction, our sister company, is NAID “AAA” certified for secure document and product destruction for confidential material disposal.

On-site options
Make compliance easy for your employees by providing on-site locked storage containers for the collection, storage, and removal of your sensitive materials prior to destruction.

Transportation and our Facility
Trust us to destroy your confidential material. Work with Miller Recycling and Northeast Data Destruction (NEDD) to ensure that all of your confidential material is handled properly from end-to-end. For your added security, all of NEDD’s drivers and employees undergo rigorous controlled substance, CORI, DMV, credit, and criminal background. In addition, our site is equipped with 24 hour surveillance and is subject to unannounced NAID audits.

We allow the witnessing of the destruction process with a pre-scheduled appointment. You’ll receive a NAID “AAA” Certificate of Destruction as a permanent record of the secure destruction process.

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