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Case Study: Recovering Materials, Reducing Costs and Generating Value

As a recycling and solid waste disposal services provider we are constantly getting asked, “How can we reduce our handling and disposal costs?” Here is case study of a happy new customer. Miller Recycling recently received a call from a warehouse manager of a large pharmaceutical distributor in Massachusetts. They had a problem handling the...
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Non-Ferrous vs Ferrous Metal: What’s the Difference, and Why Does it Matter?

Ask the average American to define metal and you might hear the words “steel,” “magnetic” and “strong.” But unless you’re talking to someone who works in the recycling or manufacturing industry, you probably won’t hear the words “ferrous” or “non-ferrous.” That’s because many people don’t realize that all metals fall into one of these two...
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All Eyes on Ohio: How Polypropylene Recycling May Change by 2020

Although it may not be a hot enough story to make the nightly news, the polypropylene (PP) recycling process is evolving. That’s exciting, because any advances that allow us to improve the way we recycle this highly-prized resin are welcome. As environmentally conscious consumers ask companies to use more sustainable production methods, some of the world’s...
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China’s recent ban on paper, plastics, and other items had stated a contamination threshold of just 0.3 percent. As most recycling industry executives would agree – this is not realistically obtainable. It looks like China has come to the same conclusion. Think about it – if you produce a 1,500 lb. bale of cardboard for...
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Oil Prices and the Recycling Industry: A Tricky Balance

To the average consumer, plummeting oil prices are a cause for celebration. The cheaper the oil, the less it costs to fill your gas tank and heat your home. But what consumers don’t typically realize is that oil prices directly affect the cost of plastic, the environmental value of recycling, and even local jobs. Because...
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Our President, Randy Miller, Quoted on China’s National Sword Policy

As part of their piece on China’s National Sword recycling policy, American Metal Market reached out to Miller Recycling’s President, Randy Miller, to garner his thoughts on the policy and the meaning behind the policy’s name. Miller has been following the evolution of the policy from his inception, and has posted to our blog several...
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The Long Term Impact of China’s “National Sword”

China’s ban on paper, plastics and other items has the potential to impact not only the recycling industry, but also manufacturers, municipalities, and many other related industries. Obviously, the elimination of mixed paper will generate a massive oversupply of material on the market. Recycling is, and always will be, a supply and demand controlled market,...
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How Will China’s Market Ban Affect Mixed Paper Recycling?

There is much talk and speculation about how China’s ban on recycling imports, such as mixed paper, will affect markets and the recycling industry, not only in the U.S., but worldwide. Recyclers, material brokers, mill buyers, and others all have their opinion on how this will impact the industry. The problem is, it is all...
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Case Study: Proper Disposal of Scrap Furniture

At Miller Recycling, we service numerous facilities generating a wide list of commodities. The majority of these materials are recycled. Unfortunately, some – due to their makeup and combination of incompatible products – cannot be recycled. One of those products is used or scrap furniture. Used furniture contains a combination of fabric, wood, foam, metal,...
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