Even people who are committed to environmental causes get tripped up by plastic recycling. Keeping the different types straight is challenging enough (LDPE, PET, HDPE – huh?) and figuring out how to dispose of those different types is even more confusing.

It’s no wonder that plastic is more likely to end up in landfills than other types of recyclables. It’s not just user confusion that’s to blame, though; certain types of plastic can’t be easily recycled. That’s why it makes sense to consult with the experts. Miller Recycling can help you determine the best next steps to take in disposing of any type of plastic waste that you generate. Your local recycling collection service is limited in what it can accept and process, but Miller Recycling buys a wide range of plastic products.



  • Stretch Film (LDPE)
  • Shrink wrap (LLDPE)
  • Production and manufacturing scrap
  • Purgings
  • Plastic components
  • Off spec resin
  • Uncoated clear Mylar Film
  • Plastic containers and bottles
  • Processed EPS (Styrofoam)
  • Hard to recycle plastics

If you need help getting started or you’d like a competitive review of your current plastic recycling process, we can help. We’ll make a site visit to assess your current waste volumes, then recommend long-term recycling solutions with the goal of maximizing ROI for your recycling and waste disposal.



We can provide pricing on your plastics recycling needs from 200 lbs to trailer load quantities.

To help you make your plastic recycling as easy and cost effective as possible we can also provide on-site balers, containers, trailers and transportation.

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