Miller Recycling can provide new, used, and reconditioned equipment for your business needs.

Customers can purchase the equipment, or rent the equipment that’s needed If you’re not sure what equipment you need, we can visit your facility to provide a free analysis that includes program design, equipment recommendations, and market analysis including estimated pricing of your recycling materials and ROI calculation.



We can help you with the selection and installation of the proper equipment to efficiently and cost-effectively process your recyclable materials and solid waste. Then rely on our qualified service technicians to maintain the equipment for the duration of your rental contract.

Equipment is provided free of charge to clients who qualify for our contracted Recycling Reimbursement Program.




Materials Processed

Bale Size

Common Use Facility Types

Standard 60″ Vertical Baler

cardboard, certain grades of paper, light metals, plastic stretch, shrink wrap, textiles

800/1000 lb bale

supermarkets, manufacturing facilities, paper converters, sites that generates paper or plastic wrap

Heavy Duty 60″ Vertical Baler

cardboard, all grades of paper, various grades of metals, plastics, textiles

up to 1500 lb bale

higher volume waste generators: distribution facilities, large manufacturers, small-mid sized metal or paper recyclers.
Great for more difficult to bale materials.

48″ Vertical Baler

cardboard, certain grades of paper, stretch wrap, shrink wrap, textiles

500/700 lb bale

low volume applications

36″ Vertical Baler

cardboard, stretch wrap, shrink wrap, textiles

200/300 lb bale

low volume applications with space concerns

Closed Door Horizontal Baler

various grades of paper, various material trim or cuttings

600 – 1500+ lb bale

larger volume generators
Good for sites that require automated feeding by conveyor or air conveying system. Bales must be tied by hand.

Auto-Tie Horizontal Baler

large volumes of cardboard and paper scrap

Process 3-4 tons  or 20 – 30 tons per hour

high production applications such as printers, paper converters and warehousing and distribution facilities
Allows for nonstop production by eliminating the need to stop the baler and tie the finished bales.


2 yard compactors, 3 yard compactors, 4 yard compactors and 5 yard compactors available for rent. Feed methods include manual loading, cart tippers, conveyors and air systems. All stationary compactors are used in conjunction with a receiving container – which range in size from 20 yards to 50 yards. These are removed when full and replaced with an additional empty container.

Benefits of using a compactor

  • Compactors substantially reduce the volume of recyclable paper, cardboard, metal, or solid waste. They also dramatically reduce your transportation costs, trucking time on site, fuel and vehicle emissions, and manpower, resulting in a reduction of your overall waste removal cost.
  • Since compactors are typically located on the exterior of your building, save valuable floor space in your facility.
  • Compactors require substantially less labor to operate than a vertical or manual-tie baler.

Low production conveyers include smaller units to assist with feeding vertical and low production horizontal balers and compactors. High production conveyers can feed automated baling systems in conjunction with air systems.

Air Systems

Air systems pick-up and move recyclable paper directly from printing and trimming systems and convey it automatically to processing equipment such as balers and compactors. Air systems have been installed in facilities ranging in size from a single paper converting machine to a commercial printing facility with over 500,000 square feet of production area.

Available equipment types:
  • Conditioned air return systems: minimize heat loss
  • Dust collection systems: help to create a clean and healthy operating environment
Cardboard Packaging Shredders

“Shred” scrap cardboard to produce perforated sheets perfect for use as packing material. Shredders are great for businesses that both create cardboard scrap and ship a significant number of packages. Specialized roller cutters perforate, pad and cut cardboard in a single pass. Shredders have built-in rulers for measuring the desired width of the resulting packaging.

Additional recycling related heavy equipment

We also have glass and can crushers, cart tippers, bale transfer and weighing systems available for rent or purchase.

Selling your used heavy equipment

We are continuous buyers of quality used recycling equipment. If you have equipment to sell, please contact us.


Are you currently generating recyclable material? Let Miller Recycling help you with the selection, acquisition, delivery, and installation of the proper equipment for your facility. We’ll then purchase the resulting recyclable material at competitive market pricing.

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