The need for confidential shredding services has never been higher.

You know how important it is to properly handle sensitive information that has been entrusted to your company. It’s just as crucial to properly dispose of those confidential files, records, documents, and media when they’re no longer needed. And here in Massachusetts, shredding obsolete papers isn’t just about following security best practices – it’s also about complying with law.

Statute 201 CMR 17 explicitly requires any business that has certain types of personal information about Massachusetts residents (including payment information) to keep it secure at all times. If your business has customers in Massachusetts, throwing away old receipts and other files isn’t enough. Shredding those papers is the only way to stay compliant with the law.

Through our sister company, Northeast Data Destruction, we can provide NAID “AAA” certified confidential shredding services including scheduled pickups, on-call services, and one-time purges.


Paper is the obvious material that comes to mind when thinking of shredding, and we handle tons of it – literally! We can also provide data and product destruction from media, hard drives, X-rays, off-spec products and more.


Using securely locked containers in your facility or office will create a culture of security, and it should give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in compliance at all times. We advise clients to use our shredding containers for both confidential and non-confidential documents to reduce the possibility of sensitive information ending up in your trash bin and then into the wrong hands. Empty bins are delivered and full bins picked-up on-call or by set schedule by certified Miller Recycling professionals.


We ensure that all of your confidential material is handled properly from end-to-end. You can also drop-off your materials or arrange for one-time, on-call, or regularly scheduled pick-ups.

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