Paper Recycling

Scrap paper and cardboard packaging comprise the largest single portion of commercial waste streams.

Recycling your company’s paper products is the very definition of a win-win scenario. Having your paper and cardboard hauled away and recycled saves you the labor costs that would be incurred by requiring your own workforce to dispose of it. Furthermore, the demand for recycled paper allows you to sell your obsolete paper prices, offsetting recycling costs.

The environmental benefits are just as great. Recycling paper products instead of landfilling them is an easy way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And that’s not all. According to the EPA, recycling one ton of paper would save:

  • 7,000 gallons of water.
  • 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • enough energy to power an American home for six months.

Recycling OCC Old Corrugated Cardboard:

Recycling cardboard is similarly beneficial. Making new cardboard out of recycled materials requires about one-quarter less energy than making it out of virgin materials, and recycling one ton of cardboard saves about nine cubic feet of landfill space. (Plus, for businesses operating in tight quarters, having your cardboard picked up and hauled away frees up much-needed space!)

Get Paid for Recycling Paper Products

Miller Recycling can help your business meets its paper recycling goals, whatever they may be. Our experience helping hundreds of companies design and implement efficient paper recycling programs allows us to offer trusted advice on how to maximize both the amount of material your site recovers and the value of the scrap.

Miller Recycling buys all grades of recyclable paper in bales, boxes, rolls, on skids or in loose form, and we offer competitive pricing tied to independent market publications.

Transporting Paper Material:

We also offer transportation and loading of paper to be recycled. When you let Miller Recycling pick up your paper material for recycling, we’ll make regular pickups, or come to you on an as-needed basis – whatever works best for your schedule. Depending on the quantity of paper material you have, we can also provide roll-off containers, balers, trailers and other equipment to help you collect and contain your paper between pickups.

Prefer to drop off paper material on your own schedule using your own transportation? No problem. We purchase paper directly from vendors when delivered to our Mansfield, MA recycling facility.

Shredding Paper Material:

Does your paper material contain confidential information?   Miller Recycling can help with that too!

Ultimately, recycling paper products significantly reduces your collection, transportation, and disposal costs making it good for the planet and good for your company’s bottom line.



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