Data & Product Destruction

Our data destruction system is equipped with the latest technology.

If a device can hold personal, financial and proprietary data, savvy thieves can access it. Damaging hard drives and wiping thumb drives when you’re done with them isn’t enough! If those items end up in garbage cans or donation bins, they’re fair game for scammers. It’s not just modern electronic devices that are at risk. ID cards, fax and copy machines, old floppy disks – they’re all capable of storing sensitive data.

Total and permanent data and product destruction is the only way to keep those data-storing devices from falling into the wrong hands. We’ll disassemble all electronics, remove and destroy the hard drives and recycle the other components, and we’ll shred or destroy data-storing devices that don’t have removable hard drives.

Miller Recycling is capable of destroying not only your confidential paper for shredding, but also:

  • Computer hard drives, media drives, thumb drives, and floppy disks
  • Medical equipment and x-rays
  • Scanner/printer/copier machines and fax machines
  • Microfiche and microfilm
  • ID cards and credit cards
  • CDs, cassettes, and VHS tapes

We can also destroy your off-spec products and prototypes, including products or designs. For manufacturers and designers, this service is an important security measure that keeps competitors from accessing proprietary information.

We provide data and product destruction services for both small removals and large bulk clean-outs in multiple trailer load quantity. All services can typically be scheduled within a 48 hour time frame.

You’ll receive a NAID “AAA” Certificate of Destruction and a serial number log on all hard drives for your records. And because part of the NAID certification process includes three-level background screening of all employees who handle confidential material, customers can be confident that no known criminals will ever have access to their data in our facility.


We can ensure that all of your confidential data is handled properly from end-to-end. Drop off your data for destruction or arrange for pick-ups. We allow the witnessing of the data destruction process with a pre-scheduled appointment. All services can typically be scheduled in 48 hours.

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