Salvage & Cleanouts

Miller Recycling, with sister company, Northeast Data Destruction can help with your salvage & cleanouts.

You can plan for most events, but some things are beyond your control. Many businesses have scheduled salvage and cleanouts when they are moving locations, or discontinuing a product line, or are downsizing, However, not all companies are as fortunate as to be prepared when it comes time to dispose of a large volume of material. When disaster strikes, will you know what to do in the aftermath?

Whether it’s because of an act of God, fire, water damage, legal requirement or other reason, there are times when a large quantity of secure material must be destroyed quickly and securely. Miller Recycling can help. We know time is of the essence in the wake of an unanticipated crisis, so we can arrive at your location within as little as 24 hours to start hauling away your sensitive and recyclable materials.


The things you can’t plan for are often the ones that wreak the most havoc. For example, if a flood or fire strikes your business overnight and your electronics, paper files and other property are damaged beyond use, it’s a huge loss. But if those items still hold data that thieves can access, do you want to handle a data breach on top of everything else? Of course not. So while tossing those damaged goods into the trash might be easiest in the short run, properly disposing of sensitive materials by working with a professional company to conduct a secure, safe salvage and cleanout process is the right move in the long run.

Such a disaster can strike anyone at any time. Here in Massachusetts, even a typical snow storm can drop enough snow to cause flooding when it melts – to say nothing of the effects of a major blizzard. Sometimes we hear from customers who have to clean out a home or office in a hurry because of bankruptcy or another legal or financial issue, or simply in anticipation of a big move.


Whatever the reason, Miller Recycling can help with your salvage or cleanup needs. We can pick-up any materials for recycling or disposal and shred or destroy the confidential paper and other equipment and supplies.

If any of the materials we clean out are sensitive in nature, we’ll follow up to let you know that they’ve all be thoroughly and properly destroyed. You’ll receive a NAID “AAA” Certificate of Destruction and a serial number log on all hard drives for your records.

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