Obstacles to a Recycling-Friendly Workplace (and How to Fix Them)

Here are two things we know for sure about Americans and recycling: First, most people believe that recycling is a good and important practice. In a 2017 Carton Council survey of nearly 7,000 people, 94 percent said they support recycling and 74 percent said it should be a priority. Many people also say they care...
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Electronics Recycling: What You Can and Can’t Recycle (And Why It Matters)

From entrepreneurs working at their kitchen tables, to huge manufacturers employing thousands of workers, nearly all American businesses have one tool in common: Electronics. Cell phones and computers keep everyone connected. Machinery and appliances keep things running. Because electronics are part of every business, electronics recycling should be standard for every business. It’s the most...
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Cardboard Contamination: A Growing (and Expensive) Problem for Recyclers

      Bottles, cans and plastic wrap. Plastic milk crates. Even an office chair and a toilet seat. They’re all things that Miller Recycling has recently found mixed into incoming loads of recovered cardboard. Cardboard contamination is a global problem, and it’s not new—but developments over the last few years have made cardboard contamination a...
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Recycling Plastic is Complicated: Is it Worth the Effort?

People watching TV in 1990 might remember seeing commercials from DuPont declaring that empty plastic containers weren’t trash—they were “full of potential,” and that potential could only be harnessed by people recycling plastic. That same year, Coca-Cola began making bottles using recycled plastic. By 1992, there were nearly 5,000 curbside recycling programs in the U.S....
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The Role of Recycling in Preventing Climate Change

People who strive to be environmentally conscious might ask themselves if there is anything that one person or one business can do to lessen the impact of climate change. It’s such an overwhelming problem that it can be hard to believe that small-scale actions could make a difference. Using recycling services really can make a...
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Polymetallic Nodules: Sourcing EV Battery Metals From Ocean Floor Metals

We don’t yet have flying cars, but we may soon have electric cars powered by ocean rocks the size of potatoes. Those rocks represent a potentially game-changing solution to a looming metal shortage that could derail the burgeoning electric vehicles market. Global sales of electric vehicles are skyrocketing; there were 10 million EVs being driven...
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How the Global Shipping Container Shortage Crisis Started

It’s not your imagination: Prices have risen for all kinds of goods over the past six months. A shipping container shortage crisis is wreaking havoc on the global supply chain. As the shipping carriers that control these containers give priority to Asian exporters, companies in the U.S. and other parts of the world can’t find...
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Earth Day 2021: Restore Our Earth

Each Earth Day has a different theme. Last it was “Climate Action,” and before that, “Protect Our Species,” in 2019. Earth Day 2021’s theme is “Restore Our Earth.”  Each year people around the globe spend a day focusing on the chosen theme and acknowledging the day through events and activities designed to bring awareness and...
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Scrap Metal and 30 Years of ISRI Membership

We’re celebrating a big milestone in 2021: Miller Recycling is proud to be a 30-year member company of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. For me, reaching this point is a gratifying reminder of how long we’ve been helping our clients with their recycling needs. (Of course, Miller Recycling has been around for much longer...
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