How We Help Companies Design An Efficient Recycling Process

“We want to have an efficient recycling process; we just don’t know what that looks like.” That’s the basic message we hear a lot at Miller Recycling. Most business leaders don’t need to be convinced about the benefits of recycling these days. They understand the environmental and financial impact of recycling. They know it’s something...
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Recycling Education & the EPA National Recycling Strategy

The EPA has been aggressively working to advance recycling efforts in recent years. Education has improved, and the general public has learned a lot about what and how to recycle. Far more businesses provide recycling containers and have their own onsite commercial recycling equipment now than they did 20 years ago. In 1980 only 10...
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Advantages of Renting Recycling Equipment for Your Business

Every business needs recycling equipment of some kind. In a one-person office, a recycling bin might get the job done. But a business that receives many shipments and/or generates a lot of recyclable waste needs high-volume equipment to manage all of its cardboard, paper, shrink wrap and other waste. Having onsite balers and compactors allows...
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Scrap Metal Recycling & the EPA—What Consumers Should Know

Like other types of recycling, scrap metal recycling has significant environmental benefits. Repurposing existing materials reduces the need to create new ones, which in turn reduces the need to mine for metal ore and other virgin materials. Recycling  also keeps it out of landfills. And since metal may be recycled over and over without diminishing...
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Paper Recycling is Booming—What’s Causing Paper Shortages?

Even in an increasingly digital world, we all still rely on paper. It’s more critical in some industries than others. Your business might be able to adjust to a temporary shortage of printer paper by printing essential items only, but a newspaper publisher can’t function without an adequate supply of newsprint, and that’s exactly the...
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The Changing Reality of Massachusetts Recycling Companies

It’s been happening gradually, but the recycling landscape has changed significantly in the last several years. All family-owned recycling companies in Massachusetts would probably tell you the same thing. Increased competition and pressure from larger organizations has made it more and more challenging for small businesses to continue operating. Multiple Massachusetts recycling companies have shut...
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What is Going On with the Record-High Scrap Copper Prices?

If your business generates any scrap copper, you probably noticed that 2021 was a banner year for copper prices. So far, 2022 is following suit. And if your business buys scrap copper, you’ve definitely noticed that copper has been more expensive than ever before.  Globally, copper prices reached all-time highs in 2021 and reached a...
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Commercial Recycling Equipment Not There Yet for Paper Cups

Making significant changes almost always takes longer than we’d like. That’s true of a lot of things in life. It’s also something we’re seeing in the recycling industry right now, as billions of single-use paper cups end up in landfills because wide-scale paper cup recycling continues to be just out of reach. It’s frustrating because...
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Recycling 2022: Feeling the Impact from Global Shipping and China’s National Sword Policy

Pre-pandemic, the global shipping industry wasn’t a big topic of conversation at parties. But once people stuck at home during quarantine started online shopping and the shipping container shortage began, global shipping and supply chain logistics became things everyone talks about. Clogged shipping ports, staffing shortages and skyrocketing prices for space on shipping containers have...
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