Commercial Recycling

Miller Recycling Corporation provides recycling services to business and commercial clients throughout the Northeast.

Does your business generate recyclable material? Do you have the staff, equipment, time and knowledge to dispose of that material in an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way?

If you answered yes to the first and no to the second, your business might need commercial recycling services. Miller Recycling can help. Our employees have decades of combined experience handling and disposing of recyclable materials, which we use to create personalized recommendations for each customer. Our leaders and employees are also knowledgeable about recycling regulations on the state level, so we can help you avoid fines and hassles by making sure you’re compliant from the start.


The first step is a site visit. Our team will tour your commercial facilities and ask questions about what recyclable materials you’re generating, how much you’re generating and what system you’re currently using to handle it all. Then we’ll create a recycling plan that’s tailored to suit your specific needs and site, including an analysis of the current market value for your recyclables.

We’ll make recommendations about the equipment you need, and we can help you acquire and install it too. Miller Recycling can provide your business with new, used or reconditioned equipment such as compactors and balers. When you rent equipment from Miller Recycling, our service technicians will even handle all the maintenance for your convenience.

Once you’ve established an efficient system for collecting and containing your recyclable materials, Miller Recycling can also help you market them. We pay competitive market rates for recycling materials of all kinds, including metal, plastic and paper products. We’ll even schedule pickups so that making money off of those recyclables is as easy as possible for you.

Good for the environment. Good for your bottom line. Easy and convenient for your business. Our commercial recycling services are a win on all fronts.


Are you currently generating recyclable material? Let Miller Recycling help you with the selection, acquisition, delivery, and installation of the proper equipment for your facility. We’ll then purchase the resulting recyclable material at competitive market pricing.

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