“Recycling” did not begin in 1970 with the first Earth Day.

Though more than a century before people called “junk dealers,” “carters,” and “ragmen” had been buying and selling scrap materials door to door, and from business to business, on foot or with horse drawn wagons. Though not as sophisticated or socially acceptable as today’s recycling industry, this was how it all began.

In the early 1940’s Frank Miller Sr., our company founder, saw an opportunity and began a business. Buying and selling everything from scrap metalspaper, textiles, and used furniture, he became known as the local “junk dealer,” occupying a local mill warehouse in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, an area known for its jewelry industry.

Jewelers generated scrap metals in various forms, and also required packaging for their products, which in turn created a local box and packaging industry. It was a perfect location for a company trading in scrap metals and paper, and created a lucrative and vibrant business opportunity. This company was named “Frank Miller & Son”, after Frank Sr. and his son, Frank “Red” Miller.

The company remained at this location for the next 60 years, and experienced many turns in the economy which tested the will and determination of the family business. Despite some challenging times the company managed to grow and prosper. As years passed, many cities and towns adopted mandatory policies and practices for sorting and recycling cans, bottles, paper, and other materials in an effort to respond to a growing environmental consciousness and address the widespread notion that landfills were disappearing.

In the late 1960’s Frank Miller Sr. handed the business down to his son, Frank, who continued to grow the business. In the 1980’s, Randy Miller, (third generation), became President of the company and changed the company name to Miller Recycling Corporation, to better define the services the company provides. Proudly, a member of the Miller family’s fourth generation, Ryan, is now also working in the business.

As the societal desire to recycle grew, so did Miller Recycling Corporation. This growth resulted in a need to increase the size of the company’s facility, so a second building in Plainville, Massachusetts was purchased.

In 2005 the original location was sold and a new site was purchased at 73 Plymouth Street, Mansfield, MA, in the Cabot Business Park, This new site is located on 8 acres of industrial property, and includes a 73,000 square foot high bay warehouse, high production baling system, is equipped with an on-site truck scale, 3 additional floor scales, 10 loading docks, full 4 car railroad siding, maintenance area, office facilities, conference room and more. From this location we operate a fleet of 10 tractors and roll offs, including over 300 trailers and roll off containers.

Shortly after this move it was decided to begin an additional business, Northeast Data Destruction, to address the growing demand for secure destruction of confidential documents and products. Located within the Miller Recycling facility, Northeast Data Destruction has obtained NAID “AAA” Certification, to offer our clients the benefits and security this requires.

To all our current customers: We thank you for your support. To all others we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.