China’s National Sword 2017 – Update

There will likely be additional changes to China’s imports of recyclable materials in the near future. As we mentioned in a previous blog post about China’s National Sword anti-smuggling plans, under the Chinese government’s “National Sword 2017” clampdown, close inspection of imported recyclable materials were put in place. These materials include cardboard and mixed paper, recyclable […]

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

How many companies can say they ran ads in the local paper, January 7th, 1941? We did! In the early 1940’s, Frank Miller Sr., our founder, saw an opportunity and began buying and selling everything from scrap metals, paper, textiles, and used furniture. He soon became known as the local “junk dealer,” occupying a local […]

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Commercial & Industrial Recycling Salvage Services

Many companies, landlords, realtors, and others periodically encounter the need to efficiently and cost effectively remove obsolete stock, inventory, office furniture and structures, electronics, and more. These materials could be left behind due to a business closure, bankruptcy, relocation, renovation, or in the midst of downsizing. Even insurance claims resulting in water, smoke, or fire damage […]

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